NiBBLe Invicta

Introducing team NiBBLe Invicta: 

The face of Sades SA Dota 2 in 2017.

Members that competed in 2017 events for the team:

Captain and Mid: Daniel ‘ Sagax’ King

Manager and Offlane: Ivan ‘MiNDGAmE’ Kitching

Carry: Jason ‘Equilibrium’ de Araujo

Support: Dagan ‘BalterPro’ Bester

Support: Yoachim ‘YoFactor’ Nair

Support: Michael ‘Mikey’ King


Ernst ‘Mr.Panda’ Ellis

Jesse ‘Netskye’ Truter

Achievements include:

Winners of the November Cold Fusion Dota 2 tournament

Winners of the LanX Dota 2 tournament

Invited and competed at the VS Gaming Championships(DGC)

For the first half of 2017 Invicta was part of the clan ELite Rebel Alliance, but after LanX was offered

to join an up and coming MGO called NiBBLe with various benefits. after careful consideration and a team

vote, Invicta decided it was better for the future of the team to part ways with ErA and join NiBBLe.