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Cold fusion lan Xmas Edition
Date 27-29 November 2015
From 6pm the 27 november
To 9 am 29 November
Location Laerskool Edleen, Kempton Park
R75.00 PP
Please try book even if it pay at door.
especially if coming in a group so can put together.
And yes there is Internet.
But dot to be used for Torrents and that.
Well over R8500.00 worth.
There a Refurbished Acer Laptop Aspire AS7750G-6444 Intel Core i5 2410M
Here Specs
Intel Core i5 2410M (2.30 GHz)
4 GB Memory 640GB HDD
AMD Radeon HD 6650M
1600 x 900
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
DVD Super Multi…
How to Enter for laptop Well Just come and pay lan entrance Fee and you will get a number.
On Saturday at 8.30 we will pull number out hat and if your number you win.
But you have to be there to Claim Prize.
If not there we will redraw.
Other Prizes from Gamers Gadgets.
Headset stand
And Mouse pads.
Food and Drink.
There will be energy drinks and that for sale at the lan.
There also be braais Provided will be ready just after 4.40 pm each day.
You can Bring your drinks and beer. Just please Behave and clean up.
Dota 2 5v 5
Friday night at 8.30
At 8 all teams must sign in.
How will work each team if want to enter must pay R100.00 Per TEAM.
It will work on firs group A B C D so on so on.
Winners play winners
Losers play Losers.
Then goes to finales.
Winner of winners Group plays Winner Of loser Group.
Prizes Well Cold fusion lan and gamers Gadgets have put in R500.00 combined and the R100 from each team will get added so make a bigger kitty .
1st gets. The money kitty and Certificates
2nd Gets 3×4 pack of monsters and Certificates
Flat out 2
Saturday 12pm.
All players be signed in 30 min before,
How will work
Will be Destruction Derby
Only Destruction Derby Cars.
And will work on point.
Prizes to be sorted on day.
Quake 3
5 pm saturday
Free for all
Players to be signed in 30 min Before.
Prizes to be sorted on day.
COD MW 3 TDM 4v4
Saturday 9pm
How will work each team if want to enter must pay R80.00 Per TEAM 4 ppl
Teams to be signed in 30 min berfore
Work on race to 3
Mixed maps
1st All the money kitty from R80 per team and Certificates
2nd Be 8 monsters and Certificates
And who ever enters after the Games we do a raffle for Sades Headset.
Odds and Ends
There is loads of parking and sleeping space.
Gamers Gadgets will have a store at the lan.
there be loads to do and Also Time to be social
And guys Please Let make this a awesome Xmas theme lan.